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2010 Citroen C4 Enters the Fray


The French go into battle once again, but this time will they be victorious? The family hatchback market is one that it thoroughly dominated by the likes of VW with the Golf and Ford with their Focus. Both are fantastic cars and to be perfectly honest where never really under threat from Citroen’s C4, but will that change with an all new model?

The 2010 C4 is much more conservative in the design department than the previous car however much like the Golf; it could well use the power of the understatement to its advantage. You see three years ago I would have questioned any new Citroen as to why it was even put on sale in the first place, but of late their cars have been surprisingly good and if this new C4 continues the trend expect to see a fair few of them on the road.

The all-new C4 is designed to be modern yet just as practical as its competitors. Citroens new design motif leaves a very seductive feel in the cabin yet the use of the panoramic roof makes it feel spacious and a lot less confined. Expect details on engines to arrive soon shortly followed by the announcement of the DS4, the luxury model.