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2012 Audi RS5 Sets Its Sights On BMW M3


Be it hatchbacks, saloons, luxury long haulers and even 4X4’s, BMW and Audi are engaged in multiple fights to the death. These two titans match each other blow for blow and so both, in the bigger picture, are evenly matched. But there has always been something that BMW has that Audi could never quite match… The M3. The super coupe is the stuff of legend but now Audi want to knock the halo off the top of BMW’s head with the 2012 RS5.

The new model is leaner and meaner in every way in comparison to its forefather. The naturally aspirated V8 produces a mammoth 450BHP that give the car enough boot to do 0-62MPH in just 4.6 seconds! A few whiskers faster than the M3’s 4.8. More aggressive design work has been applied to the RS5 making its stance something representative of the devil. Inside Audi really have worked some magic as the interior appears just as aggressive as the exterior.

What you got BMW? Your cards have been marked.