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2012 Mercedes B-Class Official


Well that didn’t take long did it? Just 24 hours after a leaked image of the next-gen B-Class emerged we find our inbox to be full of OFFICIAL details and images. Was the leak a deliberate move by Merc to build up to the launch? It can’t be ruled out… So here we are the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class.

The all-new car comes in a rather attractive package for an MPV. The well sculpted body lends itself to the description of sleek as opposed to the roundness found on the previous model. The car is bigger in every dimension meaning that this very premium cabin benefits from even more space. From launch there will be two 1.6 litre petrol engines (121BHP/147lb-ft of torque or 154BHP/ 184lb-ft of torque). Interestingly with both of these engines maximum torque will be available from just 1,250RPM. Two 1.8 litre diesels will also be offered (107BHP/189lb-ft or 134BHP/221lb-ft). All models come with a six speed manual but Merc are offering a 7 speed dual clutch affair as an option.

Expect to see the new B-Class in showrooms in April.