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2014 Bournemouth Wheels Festival


2014 Bournemouth Wheels Festival F1 carBournemouth is a popular tourist destination in the UK. Its award winning beaches and tranquil pace of life make it an ideal place to recharge the old batteries. However, last weekend saw the inaugural Bournemouth Wheels Festival giving more2014 Bournemouth Wheels Festival SLS Black Series people a reason to come and visit this otherwise peaceful location.

The sound of ice cream vans and seagulls were replaced with gorgeous V12’s and bellowing V8’s as this new festival brought together some of the most astonishing machines on four wheels. Millions of pounds worth of supercars attended providing static displays as well as high speed runs along the cliff top. Aston Martin Vanquish, Porsche 911 GT3’s, Mercedes-Benz SLS Black Series, Ferrari Enzo all marched up the steep hill to beginning their displays with the sea as the backdrop. It was a fantastic celebration of noise and horsepower. The supercars were also joined by classics and some very historic Le Mans racing cars. As they thundered along the coast the huge crowd were in awe.

2014 Bournemouth Wheels Festival monster truckOn the beach itself monster trucks took flight launching themselves high above the sand and landing upon some unfortunate cars. Doughnuts, reverse jumps and a good deal excitement all played their part on Bournemouth beach that until now had only been used for building sandcastles. Dakar rally cars showed what they were capable of whilst military tanks lined the promenade. Later in the evening there was even a chap on a motorbike who jumped the pier!

These events were all fantastic, but they were overshadowed by the arrival of four Formula One cars from various periods of racing. There is nothing quite like the sound of a purebred racing engine, particularly from decades where regulations were nowhere near as strict as today. Though all of these machines were impressive, it was the distinct V10 scream of Schumacher’s 1992 Benetton that stole the show. The wide wasp yellow car looked even more impressive in its unusual environment of public roads. It truly was a sight to behold.

The 2014 Bournemouth Wheels Festival was a huge success drawing people to the town from all over the country. Next year the event is set to become even bigger!

Check out our Facebook page HERE for the full gallery of the 2014 Bournemouth Wheels Festival including some behind the scenes preparation of the Formula One cars. It is well worth a look.

2014 Bournemouth Wheels Festival Porsche