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2014 F1 Rules Include Double Points


Renault F12014 is to be a revolutionary year for Formula One as the landscape that the drivers compete in is about to change dramatically. First the cars received a whole list of new rules that will see them equipped with V6 turbocharged engine. Aero dynamically they will also have smaller front and rear wings as well as a universal location for the exhaust exit. As for the actual rules of the sport, there is one change that is causing much controversy.

From next year the final race of the F1 season scores the drivers double points with the idea being that the title fight will continue to the last race. This year Sebastian Vettel became three times world champion with three races to spare thanks to his Red Bull cars dominance. Many have said that by doubling the points at the end of the season could dramatically change the result and undermine a teams hard works throughout the year. Vettel himself calls the plans “absurd.” We have yet to hear any positive comments about this 2014 rule.

Another change for next year is that drivers will be able to select the number on their car and retain it throughout their career. The world champion can either choose to have car number 1 or keep his selected number. Everyone else on the grid will select from number 2 to 99 with preference given to higher scoring drivers from the previous season.