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2014 Ferrari F14 T Revealed


Ferrari F14 TSo far we have seen the fruits of the new 2014 Formula One regulation changes from Force India, Williams and McLaren. Each of those teams have chosen a nose solution that complies with the new 185mm hight restraint, butFerrari F14 T profile have also produced what is being called an “anteater” snout. The rather ugly appendage allows air to flow around the narrower nose tip and under the car. Ferrari’s next championship contender is always a car of note to everyone else in the paddock. The question is, will it follow suit? The 2014 Ferrari F14 T Revealed!

The name, chosen by fans via an online vote, is formulated from the year and the turbocharged nature of this cars new 1.6 litre engine. Ferrari’s F14 T is the first of the 2014 cars that we have seen not to go for an “anteater” nose. Instead the Italian car has a nose of traditional width that slopes down steeply from the bulkhead and then levels out where the front wing begins. It isn’t pretty but it could well be something mimicked by other teams if it proves to be competitive.

To be Piloted by Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, the Ferrari F14 T in red, and a notable amount of black, aims to return the prancing horse to the top step.