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2016 Batmobile Revealed


2016 BatmobileEvery superhero has their signature. Superman has his crimson cape, Tony Stark has his Ironman suit and Captain America, the shield. However it is Batman who has, in our eye at least, always had the coolest weapon in his arsenal. TheBatman 2016 Batmobile! In every film a new incarnation of the legendary machine has backed up the caped crusader. As cool as Christian Bale’s Tumbler was, our Batmobile of choice would still be the Michael Keaton 1989 model. That might just be about to change… 2016 Batmobile Revealed.

Staring in the 2016 Batman VS Superman mega movie, this is the new Batmobile. Matching Ben Affleck’s more gothic portal of Batman, the new car looks to be part tank part dragster. It is positively menacing and will no doubt play a key roll in the battle against Superman. More pictures have been promised as filming gets underway in the next few days.

The film is yet to be given an official title but does tell the story of the most titanic war between two of the greatest superheros.