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5 Cars that will Make You Money


Whilst us enthusiasts primarily buy cars for the enjoyment of driving them, I am often asked what cars you can buy, drive to your hearts content, and then make a some money on them when it comes time to sell. Whilst there is no one silver bullet as to what is guaranteed to make you money, looking at models that will likely become future classics is the best educated guesswork you are going to get.

Here are 5 cars that will likely make you money.

5. MK1 Mazda MX-5

Introduced in 1989, the Mazda MX-5 is the worlds best selling sports car. Whilst its does have a misplaced stigma for being a “hairdressers car” this characterful roadster is great fun to drive. Original MK1 cars are becoming harder to find due to many being killed off by rust. Whilst an Eunos Roadster, the Japanese import, can be found for bargain basement prices, genuine UK MX-5s are creeping up in price. Get one that is rust free and just before the law about catalytic converters came into effect. Not only will you enjoy running this pop-up light wielding sports car, but you should make a profit also.

4. MK3 Toyota MR2

Known as the Toyota MR2 Roadster, this mid-engined sports car can be had for very little money at the moment. I think prices are soon to start increasing rapidly with plenty of them being written off in bad weather. Just to warn you they can be a bit tricky in the wet! Its tiny boot also meant that the car didn’t sell in the vast numbers that the MX-5 did. Bag yourself a healthy example and you could be driving arguably the best mid-engine bargain on the road.

3. Air-Cooled Porsche 911

Still favoured by the hard-core Porsche enthusiast, the old air-cooled Porsche engines are really starting to go up even as I write this. More cars are being restored and then sent to auction than ever, which is a clear sign that the demand is there. There is speculation that the “Porsche bubble” will burst at some point, but for now a classic 911 is a good move.

2. Ferrari Testarossa

The Ferrari 512 Testarossa was the LaFerrari of its day. This Miami Vice star has already started to increase in value if past auctions are anything to go by, so if you want one you’ll need to move as fast as its 196 MPH top speed. A flat-twelve Italian supercar? Yes please!

Honda NSX

This car is a legend. Famously engineered with the aid of Ayrton Senna and something of a Ferrari slayer, the NSX is already becoming harder to obtain. Being a Honda it is reliable and no other supercar of this age will give you this much piece of mind. Go for a late manual model and it is a safe bet. With the new NSX hitting the road this year, plenty of collectors will be wanting to have the pair in their garage. Get the keys before this future classic starts demanding serious money.