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Audi A1 Quattro Prototype Revealed


Audi’s of late have been sublime in the handling department. No more of this nose heavy nonsense it is all about grip and go where the four rings are concerned. The development of the Quattro drive system, named after the legendary Audi Quattro, has been ongoing for 30 years and almost every car in the brands range has it. That is except for the little A1 supermini but that is soon to be fixed with the hotly anticipated performance variants.

Audi has unveiled the current prototype A1 with Quattro all-wheel-drive that will one day become the S1 and maybe even RS1. The little car with lots of grunt is taking part in some Quattro celebrations in Montreal. With power to all wheels the prototype has no problem cutting through snow covered roads and surpassing expectations during winter testing.

We wait with baited breath to see the finished product later this year.