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Audi Launches More Practical A3 Sportback


Audi’s new A3 is a very sharp looking machine. It is a good example of an understated design that has its own unique appearance without being too “hey, look at me.” However, if you are looking for more in the way of practicality, a three door car isn’t necessarily the way to go about it. Audi have just announced their five door A3 Sportback for all of you who think that putting the front seat forward to let someone in is a bit of a faff.

The Sportback is slightly longer than its three door counterpart allowing for those extra doors. The increase in size also results in an boost of interior space as rear legroom is slightly improved. Boot space has also increased by 15 litres allowing for a total of 380 litres of storage for what ever you need to lug about with you. The car is also lighter than the Sportback that it replaces as it sits atop of VW’s new MVQ platform that also underpins the MK7 Golf. As expected the engine range is identical to the three door.

The new A3 Sportback enters UK showrooms early next year and starts at £19,325.