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Ferrari Launch F138 2013 Formula One Car


Ferrari F138 profileFerrari started the 2012 Formula One season with a car that was way off of the pace. Not so much a prancing horse, more a limping donkey… Ferrari F138 frontHowever, star driver Fernando Alonso grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and wrestled the car into better and better finishing positions. By the end of the season the troublesome machine was back in the fight and ended the season finishing a very respectable 2nd. Ferrari can not afford to be late to the party this year if they want to win.

The latest scarlet machine to come out of Maranello is called the F138. Playing Ferrari’s numbers game once again, the nameplate comes from the current year “13” and the number of cylinders the car has “8.” Alonso and Massa are again to pilot a pair of Ferrari’s for 2013. The car is very similar to the strong package that they ended the last race in Brazil with, the biggest change being the use of a “vanity” plate on the front of the car to hide the ugly “stepped nose” of last year. The issues with Ferrari’s car in 2012 stemmed from their wind tunnel results not correlating to real-life. The F138 has been designed using Toyota’s facilities to ensure accurate figures.