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First Aston Martin Rapide Released Into the Wild


The beginning of a new model for any manufacturer is an exciting time, but none more so than when it’s an Aston Martin and especially when it takes the company into a new market. The first Aston Martin Rapide rolled out of the production plant today to claim the road for its new owner. In order for this four-door masterpiece to come into existence 10 cows were sacrificed for the upholstery, 9 layers of paint surrendered to its curvaceous body and only the finest craftsmen were used to sculpt the Rapide into reality.

The cars completely hand crafted 6.0 litre V12, that not only produces 470BHP but also the world’s most intoxicating noise, can propel you and three other occupants to 60MPH in 5.0 seconds! And that’s the fantastic thing about this car, not only can you enjoy all the theatricals that Aston provide, so can three other fully-grown adults. Yes, the DB9 seats four as well but you could only ever utilize the rear seats if you didn’t require the use of your legs. In the Rapide however the rear quarters are plentiful and with the cars entertainment system, not that you would need one with that V12, there is nothing more that could be wanted. We hope this cars new owner can appreciate what an Aston Martin is and what it is capable of as it would be an awful waste if it were just used to trundle to the bank.

Aston Martin won’t have any problem at all selling this car as it is the complete package as it sticks to the age old power, beauty, soul philosophy. And let’s be completely honest, why would you buy a Porsche Panamera over this?