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Gain Your Independence, Chevrolet Camaro on Sale in the UK


Here in the United Kingdom muscle cars don’t really work. The roads in this part of the world are scarred with potholes and blemished with speed bumps making the suspension that is designed for long smooth sections of tarmac irrelevant. The grid system of roads over here is non-existent and let’s not forget these ¼ mile monsters aren’t too keen on corners. The final nail in coffin of the Brit’s American dream is the cars size. They won’t fit in a standard parking space and country lanes are a no go. Despite all of this some of us still long for a muscle car and starting 2011 Chevy will offer the Camaro in the UK.

Now before we get all “wild west” in our excitement you have to remember that the car is only available in left-hand-drive, this then makes the already cumbersome task of driving them even more difficult. But how does 6.2 litres of 426BHP V8 sound? Yeah we thought you would like that. The Camaro will only be available in its highest specification when it comes to old Britannia, but as far as prices are concerned we will hear more nearer to its 2011 launch.

Happy Independence Day.