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Handsome Peugeot 2008 Crossover Revealed


Peugeot 2008 frontEvery car manufacturer in Europe had a tough time in 2012 barring the lucky few. Peugeot in particular saw a huge fall in sales and as a result have Peugeot 2008 rearclosed, or are planning to close, more manufacturing facilities. They have already sacrificed their Le Mans racing program in a bid to save money, but what they really need is a big seller, a cash cow. The crossover market has been strong even throughout sluggish economic growth. Peugeot now plan to make the most of a segment that only ever seems to increase in popularity.

We first saw the Peugeot 2008 in concept form last year, but now the world has their first opportunity to see the finished product. Set to make its world debut at the Geneva motor show in March, this rather good looking machine could prove to be exactly what the doctor ordered for Peugeot. Though only being offered in front wheel drive, the 2008 retains the engine line-up of the 208. These include: A petrol 1.2 litre turbo, a 1.4 litre diesel and the largest diesel being a 1.6 litre e-HDI.

More to be announced at the Geneva motor show.