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Honda Civic Type-R Mugen 2.2 is the Ultimate “UP YOURS”


Look around today you may notice a trend in the automotive world. Turbo is the buzz word as naturally aspirated engines appear to be banished from the forefront. This is due to environmentalist kicking up a fuss and manufactures having no choice other than to bend over and take a beating. This generation Honda Civic is to be replaced within the next week at the Frankfurt motor show. As a last hurrah to a fantastic hot-hatch, and as an “up yours” to the green party, Honda have made the Type-R 2.2.

With an increased stroke the people at Mugen have worked their magic in producing this 2.2 litre variant of the Civic Type-R. This engine is to be killed off thanks to new emissions laws. With 256BHP and 240Nm of torque, this ASBO inducer is more of the fantastic cocktail that made the original Mugen so great. The bad-boy bodykit is about as refined as the Crazy Frog at one of the Queen’s garden parties, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We shall miss this car as a chalk up another victory for the eco-nazi.