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How the DS5 Saved Christmas


DS5 frontThe festive season is upon us! Time for cheer, family, and celebration. I was getting rather excited for my usual pilgrimage up and down the country to see friends and family over Christmas, that was until the unthinkable happened. My trusty steed, the usually unflappable MK1 MX-5 of mine, decided now was the appropriate time to keep flooding its spark plugs with oil. Disaster! I was totally helpless with hundreds of miles to coverDS5 logo and no means of making Christmas a reality. Take a train I hear you cry? Well, on top of my usual distrust of public transport in the UK, they are on strike! Hope was fading for a Merry Christmas, that was until the DS5 arrived.

Through the generosity and festive spirit of the folks at DS, a shiny new DS5 saved Christmas.

This car was the ideal choice for lengthy motorway hauls. Full of French flamboyance, the design work inside and out is quite something. Externally it looks more like a concept car with chromed sabres and dramatic changes in form. Internally it is a DS5 insidecombination of aircraft style switchgear and cosseting seats. Apple CarPlay and a decent sound system is a must for long hauls. After loading gifts into the 468 litre boot, Santa’s new sleigh hit the road.

A strong 2.0 litre 178 BHP diesel engine finds a home under the bonnet of this example, the M27 and M3 didn’t stand a chance. Whilst the low speed ride is firmer than you might expect, once up to pace it is a refined driving experience. Engine noise dies away and you can settle down letting the cruise control do its thing. The miles ticked by whilst sounds of Now That’s What I Call Christmas filled the cabin.

Some hours later, the DS5 and myself arrived, just before DS5 ChristmasChristmas morning. Exiting the car just as comfortable as when I entered, Christmas could begin. As I write this; the Turkey is in the oven, the Christmas tree lights are twinkling, and I have a glass of something cold on standby.

2016, the year that the DS5 saved Christmas. Check out the DS5 full written review from its UK launch.