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LaFerrari has Secret All-Electric Mode


Ferrari LaFerrari Salon PrivéHave you not heard about the three new hyper cars doing battle for poster space on children’s walls at the moment? Where have you been? Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche all have new flagship cars. There are several things they all have in common. They are very fast, they all look astonishing and each is also a hybrid. Performance cars are undergoing a revolution harnessing electric motors for added performance. There is also the potential for them to be very green and run in an all-electric state for short periods of time. This is where our heroes differ… The McLaren P1 can travel at up to 100MPH in EV mode with a potential range of over 6 miles. Porsche’s 918 can go for 12 miles before the petrol engine kicks in. LaFerrari? Officially it can’t do it with the Italians saying the hybrid battery is there just to boost the power of its V12. Looking at this video, the prancing horse has been hiding something from us. LaFerrari has a secret All-Electric mode.

In this video the 950BHP Italian stallion clearly creeps away in a silent EV mode before all 12 of its cylinders roar into life. If the car is capable of this function surely it is something Ferrari would have told us about? Maybe not. If the range in all-electric mode is so low in comparison to its competitors it might have tarnished the rather impressive reputation the car is making for itself. Right now there are no figures coming from Ferrari on the subject, but the cars secret is out in the open.