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Land Rover Discovery Gets Pampered With New Model


Despite the ongoing poor state of global economies Land Rover have managed to keep a highly respectable level of sales. You would have thought that in a world where people are worried about the cost of fuel and the amount of disposable income they have, machines like this wouldn’t sell. Whatever Land Rover’s secret is its obviously working and to show it they have just announced a new special edition.

Named the Land Rover Discovery 4 HSE Luxury Special Edition (doesn’t quite roll off the tongue does it?), the car has a few notable changes over the base car. Silver trim can be found tastefully smatter over the exterior giving the workhorse a much more upmarket appearance. It also rides on a set 20 inch, 10 spoke, alloy wheels just to set it further apart from its more common siblings. Inside rich leather can be found in abundance along with a top notch sound system.

The Luxury Special Edition will go on sale in July and is to cost £56,995.