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Lotus Elise S CUP R Ready to Attack the Track


Lotus Elise S CUP RLotus is a household name in the automotive world. Proven motorsport legends and road car handling perfectionists, there is a very good reason why other manufacturers come to these guys to help develop their own cars. Lotus have seen success with their range of track-only gentleman racing cars and to further that they intend to introduce a new entry level product. Bases upon the fantastic Lotus Elise, this is the Elise S CUP R.

To cost from £39,125 +VAT in the UK, this 1.8 litre supercharged car may have first seen action on the road, but this model is bred for the track. Featuring an FIA compliant rollcage, fire extinguisher, racing harnesses, new brakes, aerodynamic bodywork and the option of an FIA fuel cell this Elise is a serious bit of kit. Weighing just 924KG and with 181lb ft of torque, showing this car a twisty section of tarmac to devour might just be the best use of that spare £40k you have in the bank.