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Mark Webber Signs For 2013 F1 Season With Red Bull


To get into Formula One you must undergo a long and arduous journey from the very bottom of motorsport. It requires high levels of skill and determination and even with those you will still need a good dose of luck. Mark Webber is widely regarded as “one of the nicest guys in the paddock” and he knows just how hard it is to get into Formula One. For now his is staying there.

Webber entered F1 in 2002 and has done a fair bit of moving around in his decade within the sport. The question lately has been if he will remain either in F1 or with his current team. Mark often appears, in his own words, as the “number 2” driver within Red Bull. However, he currently leads his team mate, Vettel, in the championships. His contract runs out this season and for the past few years he has only signed a one year deal not knowing when he will make his exit. Shortly after winning the British Grand Prix, showing that he has still got what it takes, Mr Webber signed with double world champions Red Bull Racing for the 2013 season.