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McLaren 540C is New Entry Level Supercar


McLaren 540CMcLaren Automotive became profitable after just three years, a monumental achievement by the Woking based firm. It’s rapidly expanding range of performance cars are certainly making a reputation for themselves and causing key competitors to feel uneasy. The McLaren 570S was recently revealed as the beginning of a new sport series of cars. Joining that family today is the McLaren 540C, a new entry level product from the Formula One derived brand.

Unveiled to the world at the Shanghai motor show, the McLaren 540C is effectively a less powerful 570S. Sharing many components, the two cars look similar and both feature the prominent carbon fibre side intake. Powered by a 533BHP 3.8 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, the 540C also churns out 398lb ft of torque. A seven speed dual clutch transmission takes care of gear changes. 0-62MPH takes 3.5 seconds, 0-124MPH 10.5 seconds, and a top speed has been quoted to at 199MPH. These figures make it just a tad slower than its bigger brother, but at £126,000 it is £17,250 cheaper. McLaren say that this car is more focused on everyday comfort.

Unlike the 650C, the McLaren 540C will be sold globally and not just in Asia.

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