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New Ferrari California 149M Ready for Geneva


Ferrari 149MThe Ferrari California represented a lot of firsts for Ferrari. It was the first prancing horse to possess a front mounted V8 engine, the first 2+2 convertible from the brand and also its first metal folding roof. It entered into a market where Ferrari had not been before, despite this it became very popular and for good reason. As brilliant a car the California is, there comes a time when a replacement is required. New Ferrari California 149M Ready for Geneva.

The 2014 Ferrari California will reignite the Italian’s association with turbos for the road. Coded 149M, the project will make its debut on 12th January at the Geneva motor show. The new convertible is expected to be powered by a 3.8 litre twin-turbo V8, an engine Ferrari recently produced for Maserati. Styling is to be heavily influenced by the F12 and FF as Ferrari’s baby is the last car in the stable to receive their new design language.

Turbocharging its engines has a dual purpose for Ferrari. Whilst other manufacturers are adding turbos to their range to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy, Ferrari have the added incentive that their F1 cars are now turbo powered thanks to new 2014 regulations. As the old saying goes… Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.