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New Nissan Crossover Teased Ahead of Frankfurt


Nissan crossover FrankfurtIt may not be much to go on but could this cryptic, shadowy image be our first peek at the rumoured Nissan Z crossover? We’ve suspected for some time now that the Japanese brand, which arguably pioneered the entire CUV segment with the insanely successful Qashquai, has been busy devising an all-new crossover.

This brief glimpse suggests that the model in question errs towards the sportier end of the spectrum, further fuelling speculation that the prospective new Nissan crossover could don the evocative Z moniker, a byword for power and performance as proved in exemplary fashion by the 370Z sports car. If true, a potential Z crossover would likely sit above, rather than replace, the Juke Nismo in Nissan’s CUV pecking order.

From what little we can ascertain amidst the gloom, the mystery vehicle’s front end features a pretty eye-catching pair of LED headlamps and accentuated, muscular haunches that hint at power rather than placidity.

Nissan claim to be concocting ‘a new way to feel driving excitement’. We’ll soon find out exactly what that entails when this secretive new crossover steps out of the shadows at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show .