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Inside Lane Performance Car of the Year 2016: Ford Focus RS


2016 Ford Focus RS frontThere were many strong contenders for Performance Car of the Year in 2016. As car enthusiasts we were totally spoilt for choice has the worlds top engineers came out to play. The Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe is hilarious fun, Porsche’s Cayman GT4 is one of the most accomplished packages I have ever driven. However, whenever you consider the complete offering there was one car in particular that presented unrivalled “bangs for your bucks” this year. Maybe predictably, the 2016 Performance Car of the Year is the Ford Focus RS.

This hot hatchback has really taken the world by storm and immediately became the media’s darling upon its launch. The hot hatch recipe has remained the same as it has done with every fast Ford. Take an attainable family car, add a generous helping of performance, and undercut key rivals in the showroom. When it comes to the Focus RS it also wields AWD, something of a necessity in todays hot hatchback kingdom.

Dispensing its 345bhp with incredible efficiency, the RS will literally take your breath away with its WRC inspired launch to 62mph of just 4.7 seconds. Sticky rubber in each corner and a confidence inspiring chassis balance, it is quite the weapon on country roads.

Yet, once you have finished with “Drift Mode” and just need to go to the supermarket, it is a Focus once again. Option the car in something more subtle than Nitrous Blue and you might even be able to persuade your other half that it is the perfect car for the household.

Inside Lane Performance Car of the Year 2016, the Ford Focus RS.

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