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Red Bull F1 Team are in Real Trouble


Red Bull RacingThis week has seen the second batch of Formula One testing before the first race in Australia next month. Dramatic rule changes have introduced new 1.6 litre turbocharged engines as well as more powerful energy recovery systems. Whilst most teams who had some issue testing a few weeks ago managed to get those all important laps under their belt, world champions Red Bull are again struggling. This testing period is more important than ever as teams try to understand their new cars. Whilst Red Bull managed more laps than a few weeks ago, their car encountered problems every day this week which resulted in them packing up and going home early. The Red Bull F1 team are in real trouble.

This is extremely troubling for the team who have produce four championship winning cars in a row. The issues seem to stem from the tight aerodynamic packaging of the RB10 car that is leading to overheating problems. Also the new Renault engine is is suffering from a lack of power and is particularly susceptible to harsh vibrations. Both Red Bull and Renault are playing down just how bad the situation is but with the first race is just weeks away, and the team not even being able to complete race distance, they are at a huge disadvantage.

The 2014 season promised drama and that is exactly what we are getting.