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Red Bull RB10 Aims for 2014 F1 Championship Title


Red Bull Racing RB10 noseThe Red Bull Racing team have been utterly dominant in the world of Formula One for the past four years with the help of one Sebastian Vettel. Adrian Newey, otherwise known as the “Da Vinci” of Formula One, has been hard at Red Bull Racing RB10 profilework finding solutions within the new 2014 regulations that will allow the new Red Bull RB10 car to be as ruthlessly superior to its competitors as the laws of physics will allow. At the first day of testing we now have our first look at this potential world champion.

Arguably the most anticipated 2014 car on the grid, the RB10 appears as vacuum-packed as ever with extremely tight bodywork reducing drag. An interesting feature of the new car is its slightly swollen under-nose feature that meets the new 185mm regulation but potentially channels air to useful areas of the car. Powered by the new 1.6 litre turbocharged V6 Renault engine, a key focus of this year will be reliability. To be piloted by World Champion Sebastian Vettel and new boy to the team Daniel Ricciardo, the Red Bull RB10 is an interesting package, however, the really interesting part will be when the lights go out in Australia.