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Renault to Sell Clio for 90’s Prices


Remember the 90’s? When there wasn’t an awful lot of money floating about and as a result prices remained steady. It’s a far cry from today’s fanatical situation where inflation has taken its toll on the economy, and a slice of bread will cost you your pension. Well Renault is also reminiscing of the 1990’s where its cracking Clio was launched 20 years ago. To celebrate, instead of releasing a tacky anniversary edition, the company are going to sell 1,000 Clio 1.2 Extremes for the same amount as they would have done in the 90’s.

The outcome is £3,590 off the cars original price making this an offer not to be missed. Yes Renault will still release a 20th anniversary wagon to silence the Clio owners club, but at least this is news we can all take advantage of. The offer is only on from the 21st to the 23rd of May so if you want your Clio for pre-credit crunch prices you best get you skates on!