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Senna, The Film That Made Us Cry


The film industry is one of the largest in the world. Billions are made every year from blockbuster hits that have people glued to the screen for hours. Some of the best plots ever told have come from cinema. Stories of machines from the future, cowboys of the past and events that are currently ongoing. However there is one gripping and heartfelt tale that has never made it to the big screen… Until now. The story of the greatest racing driver who ever lived, Senna.

The film is very smart in the way it portrays the legend himself as the narrator throughout. Beginning with his early carrier and going through to his controversial on track maneuvers, the action is of such epic proportions you could not have scripted it. You build up a real connection to the legend as you watch him dominate so effortlessly, but you also share in his disappointment when his own character costs him what should have been easy victories.

We all know how this tragic story ends but it is not hinted at until the event unfolds. The film even details the day before Senna’s tragic death and how one of his colleagues lost his life. Emotions run high when that fateful race at Imola begins. You almost feel like screaming at your hero not to get into the car but the truth is that he was a racer through and through, had you told him his fate he would have still got in that car. The end is graphic showing in full view the man we all respect so much dying at the side of the track. Now I’m sorry but if you are not affected by these moments in the film, interested in F1 or not, I suggest you see a doctor. I had a tear in my eye as each hopeless attempt to revive him failed. The world morned his death and depicted in the movie is the vast amount of grief even people who had never met the man suffered. The film ends at the beginning with Senna saying that his happiest times behind the wheel was during his karting career “It was pure driving.”

Ayrton Senna; in life unbeatable, in death irreplaceable.