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Shanghai Motor Show: The Ford Escort Returns


2013 Ford Escort Concept frontFord have a long history of building cars for the masses, providing a means of transportation to every man and woman in more shapes and sizes than page three girls gets2013 Ford Escort Concept rear raised eyebrows. The Escort became a household name and acted much like the reliable family dog for many people. Replaced by the Ford Focus in 2002, the Escort faded into the pages of history. That was until the 2013 Shanghai motor show…

The 2013 Ford Escort Concept, if it makes production, would again become a peoples hero but this time not for Europe, but the Chinese market. To take full advantage of an expanding market, this concept tests the water for a saloon that is “fun” and affordable. However, the new Escort being design specifically for this market goes against Ford’s new “One Ford” policy that sees the company produce the same car but sold to multiple regions. This Escort, as fantastically reminiscent as it would be, will not be coming to the UK.