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VW Golf GTI Excessive Concept


Wörthersee, for those who don’t know, is basically a hot-hatch fest for the most diehard fans. Think of a motor show, take out all the exhibits and replace them with crazily modified urban run-abouts, add in some indoctrinated teenagers and that is pretty much it. However, some manufacturers of hatchbacks use this as an opportunity to go a little mad themselves. VW are often the biggest culprits, allowing their design team to hallucinate ideas to their hearts content, all to put on a show for the fans. So what have they done this year?

The VW Golf GTI Excessive is the result of the company raiding the parts bin at Halfords and attacking an innocent GTI. The Excessive is just that with new 19 inch BBS rims that cover the 370mm break discs, a much wider track and not to mention the swollen body work. The cars 2.0 litre engine may only get a 4BHP boost but the upgraded suspension and exhaust system enhance an already successful formula for VW.

This car is only a concept so don’t expect it to make the model line-up for next year, but do expect to see some of the parts from this car being offered as optional accessories for the standard GTI. In my opinion the name of this car sums it up perfectly, it’s just a bit too much for my taste. Despite this I shall let VW have their cake and eat it on the basis that it’s for the wild fans of Wörthersee.