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Red Bull F1 Car Races Fighter Jet


Red Bull jetRed Bull are the defending Formula One world champions and with the 2014 regulation changes proving difficult for them throughout testing and leading to Sebastian Vettel retiring from the Australian Grand Prix, their development curve for their 1.6 litre turbocharged RB10 will have to be quite steep. That said, they still had time to send their new driver Daniel Ricciardo on an assignment that saw him pit an RB9 Red Bull F1 racing car up against an F18 Hornet. The fighter jet belonging to the Royal Australian Air Force takes on one of the most dominant F1 machines in the sports history. Not exactly a bad day in the office for Daniel. Check out the video to see which of these two technological marvels wins this drag race. Also in the short film are some details on how the pilot and adrenaline junkie Ricciardo came to be in their fantastic careers.