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Renault Will Return to F1 as a Constructor


Renault F1Red Bull and Renault enjoyed the success of a partnership that yielded four Formula One titles in a row. This domination also led to the French manufacturer being crowned as the most successful V8 engine producer in F1 history. However, with the introduction of new 1.6 litre turbocharged hybrid engines, Renault has struggled to translate that success into this new age. Red Bull who crave the taste of success have grown tired of producing a great car that lacks the power required to win. A rather public divorce of the pairing is ongoing, but it does leave the question of what is next for Renault? Today we have our answer.

Speculation ranged from the French brand pulling out of the sport completely to fronting their own works team once again. It turns out the latter is true as Renault announce they intend to buy the financially stricken Lotus team. Lotus owe over £900,000 in tax and so this buyout comes just in the nick of time. A letter of intent has been signed and as long as all of the terms are met, you should be seeing Renault with their own team come 2016.

Pastor Maldonado has been retained as a driver for next season whilst Romain Grosjean is expected to sign for the new HAAS team.