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Review: 2016 Ford Focus Black Edition


2016 Ford Focus Black Edition frontThere are those of us who like to stand out from the crowd, people who desire a sense of 2016 Ford Focus Black Edition grillbeing individual. When it comes to buying a car, particularly a family car, applying such criteria can be difficult to fulfil. The Ford Focus is a highly commendable choice in conveyance, however it is also one of the most popular cars in Europe. Bringing a unique look to this hatchback is a new model. The 2016 Ford Focus Black Edition is certainly for the extraverts amongst us.

Sporting a striking black and red colour combination, the Black Edition is certainly eye catching. Red detailing can be found on the restyled sporty front and rear bumpers, mirrors, and roof. Black alloy wheels contrast a set of red brake callipers between their spokes. Some red lipstick has also been applied to the seemingly Aston Martin inspired front grill. The whole package presents a much more aggressive machine than the standard car, and certainly visuals much more akin to those found on the performance ST models.

2016 Ford Focus Black Edition insideThe interior of this 2016 Ford Focus Black Edition also receives a few tweaks to match its exterior alterations. Contrasting the black fabric seats you will find red stitching which certainly gives them some character. Said seats are comfortable proving to be more than just a fashion statement. This styling can also be found around the steering wheel. Generally speaking, this Focus receives all of the updates from the recent “face lifted” car which included extensive remodelling of the centre console to incorporate a touchscreen infotainment system. SYNC 2 fitted to this car provides everything from navigation and DAB radio, to phone connectivity and media. Vertical vents sit either side of the large screen and a notable lack of buttons creates a less cluttered feel. Rear occupants have plenty of space in terms of head and leg room. Visibility is very good all around thanks to good size mirrors and a large rear window, although a reversing camera is available. Boot space is a respectable 316 litres, but many rivals are now offering more luggage space.

Under the bonnet is a 1.5 litre turbocharge EcoBoost petrol engine of which in this guise produces 180 BHP and 177lb ft of torque. It is by no means an ST or RS with a 0-62 MPH time of 8.6 seconds, but its performance is brisk enough to enter into the booming “warm hatch” category. This rather refined engine is paired with a nice 6 speed manual transmission with a positive motion to each change. Engine noise is minimal and only makes itself known higher in the rev range. Get that turbo spooled up and above 2,000rpm the car pulls cleanly. Rev the nuts off of it and that is where the fun is to be 2016 Ford Focus Black Edition rearhad. The Focus has always been a keen handling car and this Black Edition is no different. Many tweaks were made during the face lift including alterations to the suspension and steering. Visit some entertaining roads and the results reveal beautifully precise steering, although it could do with a bit more feel, and good body control through fast corners. Plenty of front end grip allows for boundaries to be exploited more than some competitors and a willingness to change direction certainly earns the car its title of agile. Usually the formula for how cars work involves a good handling car having a firmer ride, but the 2016 Ford Focus Black Edition preforms an impressive balancing act of retaining composure whilst smoothing out road imperfections. On the motorway this family hatchback will happily cruise along, but the diesel would be preferable for constant and regular long hauls. When it comes to day-to-day trips around town or maybe a school run, the Focus ticks many boxes. It is an easy car to operate and parking even in tight spaces isn’t that taxing. Ford claim that it will do 51.4 MPG combined too.

The 2016 Ford Focus Black Edition is an interesting proposition. Offering all of the family friendly traits of the Focus and the performance of the Zetec S in a unique visual package is something that many will find appealing. Costing from £22,770 it is a notable figure more expensive than the standard Zetec S, but then you are buying something you won’t see in a car park all that often. Don’t fancy its angry paint? Take a look at the Red Edition which reverses this colour scheme.

2016 Ford Focus Black Edition wheel