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Aston Martin One-77 Road Debut


The embodiment of Aston Martin Power, beauty and soul today came into contact with the outside world today whilst carrying precious cargo in the form of the Tourist Trophy. A completed Aston Martin One-77 embarked on its first road-trip from the RAC Club in London to the world renowned Silverstone Grand Prix circuit.

Forged mainly from carbon fibre and given a 7.3 litre heart crafted by the most talented engineers, the One-77 is the ultimate Aston Martin! This car only exists because the employees of Aston Martin wanted it so badly; they worked after the lights had gone out in the factory just to fabricate the idea into a reality.

The interior is made of the most modern yet complimenting materials. The centre console looks like it has leaked into the cabin from the engine in an offering to the driver. Every detail in this car is to the millimetre satisfactory. It’s not over lording; it’s not blingy or anything that a footballer or R&B star would “roll in” as there is a very good reason why… The car would upstage Elvis, Michael Jackson and Queen all at the same time and thus make mince-meat of any overpaid premiership participants.

This car is no fairy-tale, and for that reason does not have a happy ending. There will only be 77 made. All are sold and are expected to be delivered to their owners later this year.