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Which is the Fastest Manufacturer on Four Wheels?


SGMW karting fastest manufacturerSince the dawn of time our species has pushed for more speed. Faster, and faster, and faster. From serving as an evolutionary advantage during fight or flight, to a way of saving time in the modern day, a means to accelerate is something we crave. Cars have been the vessel of our addiction for over 100 years now, but what manufacturer is the fastest? Answering that question, sort of, is a pending race. Better than that, it’s for charity!

Enter the UK PR representatives for most major car manufacturers and a collection of go-karts . On Thursday 14th of April the Souther Group of Motoring Writers (of which my humble self is a member) will be hosting the annual Karting Grand Prix where manufacturer teams battle it out for the top step. Several hours of on track action with driver changes means that tactics will play a big part in this race. Money is being raised for the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust which provides a vital emergency service, particularly to many involved in major car accidents.

You can catch the action via updates from our Twitter account (@inside_lane) or the Southern Group of Motoring Writers account @SGMWupdates.

Who is your money on? Can performance car brands live up to their products? Come the chequered flag the champions will be apparent.